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  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Payroll Administration Outsourcing
  • Business Consulting
Today, accounting and accounts payable outsourcing services are recognized as an effective management tool. Companies often incorporate outsourcing as a strategy in business planning. Your organization can provide better client service, produce a better product, do the job better - and do it in a more cost efficient way - by outsourcing your non-core business functions.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services
When you outsource accounting and accounts payable services functions, you put those responsibilities in the hands of professionals. By reducing demands on your administrative staff, you free them up to support other areas directly related to your sales, your clients, your services, your products, and your core business. We can perform your monthly, quarterly and annual accounting and bookkeeping tasks or can supplement your current staff to lessen the drain on administrative time. We can customize a package of accounting and accounts payable outsourcing services that is priced to keep you competitive, while taking the administrative pains out of running your business.

Bookkeeping Services
Setting up, maintaining, staffing and monitoring monthly bookkeeping and payroll tasks and services is one of those areas that grows as your business grows and often reaches a point of demanding a disproportionate percentage of your business' administrative payroll dollars. Our bookkeeping specialists can help correct this imbalance. We can perform your monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping tasks, or we can supplement your current staff to lessen the drain on administrative time. We can customize a package of services that is priced to keep you competitive in your marketplace, while taking this headache out of running your business.

Monthly Bookkeeping and Accounting Outsourcing
  • Pay bills – Follow up and processing bills receipts.
  • Record receipts – prepare bank deposits and input credits.
  • Payroll – compute and prepare cheques.
  • Prepare payroll tax deposits.
  • Prepare bank reconciliation: re-computing COT and other charges and follow up the overcharged claims with the client’s banks.
  • Computation of excess interests charged on bank loans and overdraft for immediate claim.
  • Posting and clearing of accounts vouchers backlogs
  • Generate trial balance and financial statements.
Annual and Quarterly Analysis and Reporting
  • Analysis and review of Annual & quarterly and monthly financial results

Our seasoned tax professionals value client interaction and strive to build a relationship as your trusted partner on a broad range of tax matters impacting your future. Invite us to the table and you'll see that everything we do has a single focus - your success.

If payroll administration is becoming more than you can handle in-house, consider payroll outsourcing services from Benold Resources. Our payroll services ensure that information is quickly and easily accessible to you and your employees. Benold Resources’ comprehensive, state-of-the-art outsourced payroll administration services offers a fully integrated payroll solution:
  • Calculates and produces pre-signed and enveloped checks.
  • Easy-to-read, detailed payroll reports with departmental breakdowns.
  • Calculates and deposits all state and federal tax liabilities.
  • Prepares and files all state and federal quarterly and year-end returns and reports.
  • A direct deposit service.
  • General ledger posting reports.
Payroll Administration Outsourcing by Benold Resources Payroll Services Gives You Many Competitive Advantages.
  • Outsourcing services gives you immediate access to all of the census information required to obtain employee benefit quotes and to administer payroll administration programs.
  • Outsourcing services offer convenient payroll deduction for Christmas club and other employee savings plans, an excellent benefit that usually means an increased administrative burden. Benold Resources automatically remits these deductions to the company or agency.
  • Freedom of choice for the business owner. Time is no longer spent administering the non-productive function of payroll. That time can be reallocated to more profitable activities.
Benold Resources Payroll Administration Outsourcing Services Gives You Customization, Convenience and Control.

We work with you to customize a package of outsourced payroll administration services that suit your unique business needs. Our services, are priced to keep you competitive, while taking the headache out of running your business.

Payroll outsourcing consulting services from BENOLD RESOURCES keeps your business running smoothly. Imagine freeing up staff time spent on this "non-income-producing" task to concentrate on critical issues and projects. Payroll outsourcing consulting services increase the quality of your product or profitability or your business. BENOLD RESOURCES payroll outsourcing helps you manage two major burdens: The time it takes to do payroll and the liability associated with payroll.

Benold Resources Payroll Outsourcing Consulting Services Offers Value over the Competition with Superior Customer Service and Service Integration

  • You will have a team of payroll experts available to you to answer questions and assist with any payroll solution needs you may have.
  • With our Millennium software, you'll have payroll and human resource information available to you 24 hours a day. Millennium allows you to key in your payroll and instantly transmit to Benold Resources Payroll outsourced consulting services for processing. Eliminate the need to look through stacks of paper to review payroll history and employee information; it’s now at your fingertips.
Benold Resources Payroll Outsourcing Provides Comprehensive Payroll and Employee Benefit Services
  • Payroll administration Payroll outsourcing consulting services are bundled into one package, creating savings and efficiency.
  • The payroll database manages the employee census data essential to most employee benefit programs, thus allowing us to simply transfer required data from one program to the other.
  • The simplicity of bundling payroll outsourcing consulting services helps you implement and administer quality benefit programs without distracting employees from their core business functions.
Benold Resources Payroll Outsourcing Lets You Focus on Your Operation

When you use payroll outsourcing consulting services you can focus on achieving your business goals. The convenience of a single point of contact and professional solutions to control often unwieldy business operations like payroll provides you with extra time in your day. We work with you to customize a payroll outsourcing consulting services package that’s easy to use and priced to keep you competitive.
Employee Benefits and Insurance Program Planning
When you put Benold Resources employee benefits and insurance program planning services to work for you, our entire staff becomes a part of your team. We specialize in working with employers on the full spectrum of benefits services. Employee benefits and insurance program planning services include:
  • Day-to-day benefits administration by our benefit planners;
  • Legal affairs/Employee Benefit Law Updates;
  • Compliance reviews;
  • Industry trends;
When you team up with Benold Resources employee benefits and insurance program planning services, you have a proactive resource with the knowledge and experience necessary to keep you and your human resource people in the pilot's seat - responding more and reacting less to the changes and complexities of benefits administration.

Industries we are familar with: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Aviation, Energy & Power, Print Media, Oil & Gas, Hospitality.

Benold Resources understands the complexities of diverse industries and is uniquely positioned to assist middle market businesses in achieving their short- and long-term goals. Our dedicated team of professionals has a broad range of experience that has been developed through years of helping clients businesses prosper and grow.

By working closely with clients, our professionals become intimately involved in their business. In addition to providing best in class accounting and tax services, Benold Resources provides a broad scope of business advisory services to help clients assess and improve their business operations and processes. Our objective is to assist clients by not only identifying current opportunities, but also providing and implementing strategies for improving the overall performance of their business.

The following outlines some of the services that Benold Resources can provide to clients Businesses:

  • Budgeting and projections
  • Business succession planning
  • Business valuations
  • Strategic business planning
  • Cost segregation studies
  • Accounting services
  • Benefits Administration
  • Payroll management

Services Promise

Quality, Attentive, Responsive Business Services
We pledge to provide quality, attentive, responsive business services.
  • Individual Attention: We will treat each client with the utmost care; we will develop and maintain a strong personal relationship; we will provide service with a commitment to professionalism, trust and the highest level of personal and professional integrity.
  • Responsive: We will respond to a client’s urgent need immediately; we will return all voicemail and e-mail communications within 24 hours; we will deliver and review all work product on a timely and as agreed basis.
  • Proactive: We are committed to understanding the goals and needs of our clients, responding to such needs with our best service, advice and products. We will strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions and opportunities to improve and grow their business.

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